September 4, 2015


Goldmine Financial is a leading purchaser of 1st lien, Non-Performing Bank notes, secured by real estate nationwide. We evaluate and purchase these loans as investments for our own portfolios, and for a number of Private Investors – we do not create loans, we purchase existing loans according to underwriting guidelines and investment criteria set by ourselves and our National and International Investors.

Private Investors who want to take advantage of our expertise to realize steady, high, and well secured returns of their investment dollars in this investment arena, are invited to contact us for further information on the investment opportunities and returns we can offer.

Contact us and learn more about how you can:
1) Acquire individual or pools of notes and build a portfolio of such investments using our services and expertise , OR
2) Partner with Goldmine Financial or other Affiliate to realize a more significant gain on investment dollars.

If you would like to acquire individual or pools of notes, or If you would like to partner with Goldmine Financial or other Affiliate to realize a more significant gain on investment dollars, please provide your contact info and investment preferences, so we can forward note purchase opportunities that meet your criteria.

A Goldmine Financial representative will follow-up with you and provide more information on the opportunities to invest through well secured notes on real estate, for steady exceptional returns.

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***This is not a securities offering. According to Federal and State law, any securities offering shall be made by prospectus. Please contact us, to learn more about these investment opportunities to help us keep in compliance with Federal and State Regulations. ***